Lately our sense of normal has drastically changed. The world is much different than what we experienced growing up. Back in the day we were able to focus on simpler things. These days the “norm” includes novel viruses, war on all fronts and inflation. Bullying on multiple platforms. Technology that is continuously evolving and becoming more intertwined with our lives; giving us luxuries we could only once have dreamed of. Dark web, deep fakes, and conspiracies coming to light. Yet somewhere in the midst of all of this…is the truth.

I can’t promise you the truth. I’m still searching for it myself.

What I can promise you is that I can share what I’ve found. During my extensive…searching. The good, the bad and the ugly. No filters and no discrimination. Data viewed from the left, from the right and everywhere in between. Perspectives from outside our field of vision. A beacon if you will, helping to draw attention to the world around us. A 360 view of our lives and hopefully…the truth.

Make a choice.