Through the storm (a.k.a. forgot to put on the blinker…oops)

Sometimes it’s hard to see through the storm. Whether it be a hurricane or even a mild drizzle, our vision can get clouded just the same. Then we find ourselves ramping up the wipers, turning on the foglights and looking for that yellow stripe on the side of the road to use as a guide. Hoping that you don’t hit an area that flooded over or you don’t end up hydroplaning off the side of the road. Stress level just increased one point writing this lol.

Where was I?

Sometimes the storm was so bad that I engaged the emergency blinkers, pulled over to the break lane and dared forward. Slowly. 10 and freaking 2. Yes, I’m that guy.

But you know what? I made it.

And so can you.

Not even sure atm where I’m going with this. Break time. Brb.

Turn the volume up just a tad. Close eyes and feel the energy from the dubstep you have piping through your speakers. Sorry Cable, dubstep will never die. Ever.


And neither should your spirit. Your motivation. Your driving force that propels you through the space/time continuum. That speed force that is everywhere and everything. This is one gift that no one can take from you. All you have to do is figure out what motivates you. What gets that spark going. Is it the thought of your family? Your kids? Your career? It doesn’t even need to be that deep; your muse can take many forms.

Let’s get a little personal for a moment. Have you ever conversed with another and during that exchange something they said sparked your interest? Now that the kindle is burning and you’re steadily supplying that flame with a little oxygen you’re getting somewhere. You know you are supposed to be finishing those TCP reports before end of duty however you’re more focused on keeping that fire going. Feeding your curiosity with internet research, your medium ice coffee within reach and that little USB fan on full speed. And Cheetos.

It ain’t easy…

Need to check Waze again; we seem to have gone way off track.

Avoid toll roads.

Yes, avoid difficult intersections. .

Choose voice of Gideon…o…freaking…m…g. Yes. Yes.

Sorry, let me play around with this setting for a minute. Be back in a flash.

Just thought of something. What did one fruit say to another as it was being chased?

Wait for it.

Wait. . .


Run, berry, RUN!!!!

My goodness, that’s going to cost me the two people that have actually started reading my rantings.

Let me try to regain some dignity.

Scrolling up to see what I was typing about. Oh, right. One post was on depression, another on dreams…shall we keep this linear in a sense? We’ve weathered the storm and are reducing our wipers to smedium. And thank goodness they’re not the type that cross together because that would consistently make me worried they’re going to crash into one another. Why? Why?

Let’s recap.

Driving when I’m actually typing about dealing with stress/depression/coping. Motivation, muse…how creativity blossoms when multiple minds merge into meaningful discussion. (Beat that Treach!!!)

It’s amazing how much music can influence your mind, spirit and motivation.

Truly the universal language.

Instead of sending Aricebo messages to global star cluster M13 we should be sending a digital mix-tape of Skrillex’s eses esess greatest hits. Anyone else agree?


May delete this post in near future. Essessesss.

Recently watched Deadpool 2 for first, second and third time. Not condoning or using it as an excuse but may explain the constant attempts at humor.

Whatever motivates you, get it. Make it happen. Don’t wait for someone to make it happen for you. You. Need. To. Make it happen.

Use that motivation to fuel your desire to improve your life. Use that drive to implement real-life actions that produce real-life rewards. No one’s going to wash those dishes for you. No one’s going to get that dream-house but you.

You have the power.

And remember, with great power comes great resposibility.

Use it wisely.

And Tobey totally clear (see what I did there?), it’s not going to be easy.

At all. But you’re a mean, green fighting machine. And you can shred through whatever obstacle unfortunately gets in your way. Just be cautious not to get a splinter through all of your shredding. Maybe wear gloves. And stay cool as ice. Maintain focus. And watch your six.

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